Gemstone Care Guide

Swarovski Jewellery

Silver Cleaning Cloth Impregnated With Tarnish Remover

How to Clean Swarovski Crystal

Gently dust the surface of the Swarovski crystal using a feather or lambs wool duster to remove any hair or dust from the piece. If you are cleaning a smaller display item, you could use a makeup brush. If you are afraid of scratching the surface, you can also use compressed air to blow the dust from the crystal.
Lay the crystal on a clean cotton cloth. Use the cloth as a work surface, not to clean the crystal.
Wipe the crystals clean with a special Swarovski crystal cleaning/polishing cloth. This will not scratch the surface of the crystal, whereas other types of cloth might.
Use lukewarm water to rinse the crystal if there is any build up on the surface. If the build up won't wash away, you can use watered-down mild dish soap. Don't use any other commercial cleaners on the crystals.

Tips & Warnings

Only use a Swarovski polishing cloth on Swarovski crystals. Don't use a cotton cloth to polish the crystal, as this may scratch the surface
don’t use commercial cleaners to clean the crystal. Only use water and a mild dish soap if necessary.