Size Guide

Measuring  & Size Guide for Sovacollection Online Womens Boutique Clothes

Where do I start?

Make sure you measure yourself in your underwear!

Before making any online purchases, always check with the merchant's measuring size guide charts and fitting tips.

Check the method and instruction used by SovaCollection. From the size chart measurement tolerances it will give you a confident realistic indication that tells you if you will fit into out chosen garments!

Fitting methods and measurements might vary slightly from one online merchant to another.

Below are instructions to measure yourself:-

Measure Guide Instructions

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 2-5 minutes

Height: Stand barefoot with your feet together and your back to a wall.

Measuring from the top of your head to the floor, it may be easier for a friend to take this measurement for you.

  • Bust: -  Measure the circumference around the fullest point of the bust while wearing a bra. Keep tape under arms and around shoulder blades.
  •  Waist: -  Measure the circumference of the smallest part of the waist above the hipbone.
  • Hips -   Stand with your feet together. Put the tape around at the fullest part of your bottom. (Measure 20cm (8ins) below the waistline)
  •  Skirt Length - (Excluding waistband), measure from the natural waistline to the ankle.